Don’t worry, during this time you can still view my work here! billytran.design is currently being re-branded with a fresh look from the ground up.

Designs and Photos come from the heart.

I believe it’s important to spread positive reinforcement within my work. I design and photograph to pave a way into people’s hearts and feelings.


Being able to continuously provide high quality, fluid work that not only entices my clients but integrates my personal flair. Being able to connect to society through my designs and photos to bring happiness to everyone.

Who is Billy?

A New Yorker at Heart, currently residing within San Jose, California. An adept designer and photographer refining his skills while attending San Jose State University striving to obtain his degree in BA Graphic Design. With some background in drawing,design, and photography.

Design implicates visual communication, it’s imperative to show that manner in a positive light.Instances could be choice of colors and shapes, these all are imperative to my design choices to help my clients and peers alike that my design doesn’t just live in a two dimensional space,but serves a purpose as well; I want my products to feel “alive”. Treating my designs and photos with care just as I would with anyone is what I strive for.


My work varies from task to task. From sticking strictly to clients request to being loose and fluid as possible. My strongest design assets are creating simplistic designs that are full of personality and colors!

Graphic Design is my passion.

Illustrations, Posters, Product Design, Logos.

It is imperative to stay in the trends of pop culture and that is just what I do! Each design I create tailors to certain needs even if its just for personal use. Design is conveying language visually and I strive to live up to those standards by improving visual literacy. Small things from line weight, spacing, placement all factor into my work and I take it to heart.

Shooting life through lens

Photography, Adept Videographer

Smile, you’re on camera.

As a Photographer, I love to capture emotions within my subjects. A photo last forever and so does the impression of the individual when they see my work as well. Utilizing a Canon 90D I capture the best quality that a young professional can do!

Ranging from taking shots of nature, animals, to people, and even things of abstract nature. I love simply capture a subject in their most favorite places where they feel most comfortable.

The emphasis in my work





Simple but significant


RISING internship


While learning to be my own leader while collaborating with others. I created many forms of media from logos, flyers, stickers, illustrations to raise awareness of the AAPI community as a member of Akbayan SJSU.

Dr.Loo’s Natural Remedies


A client is like family, I was able to work with Dr.Loo’s start-up company to help create product designs, and creating new content to boost sales and expand the brand’s mission.



Collaborating friends and professionals alike into one hub that works together, whether you are a casual video game enthusiast or content creator.

Sustainability for SLAC


Paired along with a intern at Stanford’s Linear Accelerator Center, sparking awareness through information and visual communication through a series of infographics.

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